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New Generation Retirement Seminar Series

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 Due to the COVID-19 protocol, all of our Seminars are now done virtually with Zoom Webinars.

Retirement is different today than it has been for previous generations – from COVID-19 to low interest rates today’s retirement landscape is changing fast. In our New Generation Retirement Seminar Series, we will address these issues:

New Generation Retirement Seminar:

  • Who are you working with, a broker or advisor, and what do they do?
  • Creating an Income Plan in Retirement.

ROTH Conversion Seminar:

  • When is a good time to consider a ROTH Conversion?
  • What do I need to know to do a ROTH Conversion?

Today’s Economy, Tomorrow’s Retirement Seminar:

  • How today’s economic environment may affect your Retirement.
  • In light of today’s economy, has anything changed about how you view risk and what are you doing to align your assets to your risk?

Dream, Do Seminar:

  • Female – Focused Seminar to show you how to dream big and put an action plan together to support those dreams.
  • The truth is that Women’s and Men’s journeys to retirement are truly different.

In my New Generation Retirement Seminar Series, you will receive answers to these questions and others to help you learn how to prepare for a steady retirement in a changing world.

Is your retirement ready to stand the test of time? 

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